KinKi Kids’s 2017 special drama “Our courage less city”

KinKi Kids’s 2017 special drama “Our courage less city”

KinKi Kids Domoto Tsuyoshi and Domoto Koichi will appear in the sequel to the sequel after 20 years.

“Less than our courage City” is broadcast on Nittere from 21 o’clock on Friday, July 21, 2017.

I summarize the synopsis in a word.

“After 20 years of Yamato and Takeru who fought in towns only for minors”

A special drama broadcasting in the summer of 2017 is a sequel to a series drama broadcasted in 1997 when two people of KinKi Kids debuted CD.

What kind of performances will the performance of Domoto Tsuyoshi and Domoto Koichi who became adults show off?

A storm of Mr. Aiba and Matsunisa who appeared in the drama of those days are also decided to re-appear.

Many people retired from the entertainment industry as a drama performer at that time in 1997, it is difficult for everyone to re-appear.

Meanwhile, graduating from Johnnyz who was a drama cast twenty years ago, Hiroki Ohara who joined Hakuhodo has decided to re-appear and the fans are becoming turbulent.


There used to be a city only for children whose violence dominates in the Minkakuhara area of ​​Chiba Prefecture.

The city contaminated with the microorganism ‘T-actor prototype’ was blocked by the government, the adult died and the minor’s life began.

The boy Yamato and Takeru in a struggle to take away or be deprived take power and build an order.

“We do not become adults like you.”

“And in today 20 years later we will gather in this place again.”

Just twenty years have passed since Yamato issued the last word in the blocked city.

On the day of appointment there were those who really did come and did not come.

For the past 20 years, boys became adults with troubles.

I wonder if our current self became adults who wanted to be true.

In those days, is not it such an adult as saying “I can not be such an adult?”

And Yamato and Takel stand up again for the companion.


Yamato – Koichi Domoto (KinKi Kids)
A man who came to the dangerous Makuhara district to find a friend 20 years ago.
The sense of justice created strong order and order to the aged city that was desolated.
Twenty years ago I became a leader of children and fought a fierce fight with the government.
I try to become a chemist of bacteriology in order to solve the case fundamentally but also work as a science teacher in junior high school or school because I am frustrated.

Takeru – Tsuyoshi Domoto (KinKi Kids)
A man who came to the dangerous Makuhara district to find her sister twenty years ago.
It was a bright personality and became a base for the boys’ hearts.
Twenty years ago he played an active role as a staff in charge of the leader Yamato.
At university, I enter the law school, but I also enjoy playing, I am chased by the reality in my thirties.

Mori – Jun Matsumoto (Arashi)
It was a weak boy who longed for Yamato.
Study at an Italian restaurant and have your own shop.
I will not get in touch with my former colleagues.

Akira – Masaki Aiba (Arashi)
I belonged to a bad boy group but started to act with Yamato and others.
Being a first-class architect at the design office and in the former site of Makuhara, he is responsible for designing the library to commemorate the reconstruction.

Suzuko – Akiko Yada
Yamato ‘s lover in high school.
Afterwards married and a child will be given but her husband dies in the accident under work.

Kiichi – Hiroki Kohara
Yamato’s best friend 20 years ago.
Married three children and works as a bus driver.

Takagi – Shunsuke Michieda (Kansai Johnny’s Jr.)
Third year junior high school who failed to go to school.

Yuuna – Akari Hayami
Part – time job at Takel ‘s law firm.

Sayama – Mukai Osamu
I will pursue Yamato and Takeru with one arm of the head of the Bakumori Reconstruction Headquarters.

Makabe – Takaya Yamauchi
The agent of Makitara Reconstruction Headquarters is an execution unit of left mountain.

Kazama – Yudai Chiba
First class architect of the design office and a junior of Akira.

Follow me!

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