Listed companies buy encryption currency exchanges of hacking damag Japanese coin check

【The price of bit coins in Japan rose sharply in response to coin check acquisition reports】

Listed companies buy encryption currency exchanges of hacking damag Japanese coin check

Cryptographic currency exchanger coin check which leaked customer assets of 58 billion yen by hacking is likely to be a part of a listed company.

The Nikkei newspaper reported at 13 o’clock on 3rd April, “Monex asked for coin check support presents an acquisition plan.”

The Monex Group acquires the majority of the voting rights of the coin check and converts it into a subsidiary company.

Koichi Yoshida, president of the coin check founder and Yusuke Otsuka from the director, and Monex is also dispatching the management team.

Since the Nikkei newspaper reports that “both companies are planning to announce them in the week,” it is likely that there will be official announcements between April 3-7.

In response to the report, the official Twitter account of Monex Securities announced a comment that does not deny the press coverage.

The expectation that the Japanese virtual currency market will be exciting again, the price of bit coins within coin checks soared.

In response to the report of the Nikkei newspaper, the stock price of the Monex Group sharply increased around 13 o’clock on April 3.

Coin check is holding 1.7 million accounts at the time March 8, 2017 December trading volume was 3 trillion 853.7 billion yen.

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