Drama “I’m sorry, I love you” broadcasted in the summer of 2017

A Korean hit drama “I’m sorry, I love you” will be broadcasted in Japan TBS from July 2017.

The drama “I’m sorry, I love you” was broadcast in Korea in 2004 and became a big boom beyond “Winter Sonata”.

“Japanese version of” I’m sorry, I love you “is set in Japan in 2017.

The starring is Tomoya Nagase from the idol group TOKIO.

The heroine is Yoshioka Riho who became famous for the drama “Quartet” in January 2017.

Shinobu Otake plays a mother whose hero adores and revenge.

Kentaro Sakaguchi plays popular idol pianist.


Rika Okazaki grew up abandoned by his mother.

Rits lived in a back society.

One day, Rits are caught in an incident and suffer serious damage to the head.

Rits will be short lived and will start to find a mother at the end.

Rits find the mother, but her mother was happily living well with his new son.

Rits thought that my mother threw myself for poverty.

Rits have a feeling of admiration and anger towards my mother.


Rits Okazaki – Tomoya Nagase
A man who was abandoned by his mother when he was young.
I lived at the bottom without knowing love.
I earn money in the back society and suffer with admiration for my mother and revenge.

Rinka Mita – Riho Yoshioka
A pure and kind woman.
I like a childhood familiar Hyuga subtle, but it does not go well.

Satoru Hyuuga – Kentaro Sakaguchi
A wonderful performance technique and a cool popular idol’s pianist.
I was raised with the education of my mother of a former pianist.

Reiko Hyuuga – Shinobu Otake
It was a former top pianist but was frustrated.
A woman with a high pride loves a new son ‘s.

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