Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda to continue

Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda to continue

The direction of the BOJ Governor president who holds the important key of the Japanese economy has settled.

On February 10, major Japanese media reported that the governor of Tohru Kuroda will continue on behalf of BOJ president.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who will decide personnel affairs of the BOJ Governor and Deputy Governor, will submit a case to the Diet that will end the president of Tohno Kuroda during February.

Kuroda’s term of office will expire on April 8, Vice President Takeshi Iwata and Hiroshi Nakaso will be submitted on March 19 th, three personnel drafts including the continuation will be filed together.

Mr. Iwata is expected to expire the term of office while Kuroda’s follow-up policy is transmitted.

In the questionnaire of market participants in major media, Kuroda ‘s continuation was overwhelmingly preeminent, so there is no surprise in the market.

In the currency market trend early February 10, when the news arrived, although it temporarily advanced in the direction of the yen appreciation, after that it has returned to the dollar of 108.80 yen before the report.

The response of exchange markets and others becomes big by whether Iwata vice president who will expire the term of office is monetary easing school or who becomes a monetary reductionist.

Despite the fact that Vice President Nakoso has not been reported yet, promotion of Mr. Masayoshi Amemiya, Masayoshi Amemiya ‘s successor or Mr. Nakaso deputy governor, is considered as a role to be in charge of practical affairs within the Bank of Japan.

President Kuroda, who was born on 25th October 1944, will now serve as the BOJ until the age of 78 if he is 73 years old and has finished his term of office for five years as president of the Bank of Japan.

Mr. Kuroda frequently mentioned as “to persistently persist in monetary easing,” and is focusing on the depreciation of the yen due to monetary easing (halting the yen’s appreciation).

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